Third Day of Lent

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How is your Lent going?

Is this a sacrifice for you?

I remember a time when, for me, Lent was a time of sacrifice. If it wasn't uncomfortable, it didn't count. I had to give up something that was important to me, so I would feel the loss.

It's not like that for me now.

These days, Lent is a time of preparation, and that means getting in touch with the eternal. Those of you who don't believe in God can do this, too: all one needs to do is try to understand one's place in the universe.

For me, if what's on my mind is "I miss eating / watching / playing / doing ______ so much", I'm not being in touch with the eternal. When the fasting becomes a distraction from the preparation, it's time to rethink my fast (see yesterday's post).

This Lenten season is about preparing for a change in the relationship between us and all that is. It's about a change in us.

So don't tell me how hard the fast is.

Tell me how you're getting in touch with what really matters.

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