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Maybe it's becoming more common, or maybe I'm just becoming more sensitive to it, but are progressives getting more judgmental lately - not just judgmental about conservatives, but also about other progressives?

What I'm seeing is a lot of what [some subsection of progressives] didn't do about [some issue] and [some group] does [something] that annoys me.

I'll admit to being part of the snarkiness. But it's Lent, and Lent is a period of fasting, prayer, meditation, reflection, and preparation in anticipation of the crucifixion and the resurrection. So today I'm making a commitment to be more helpful than hurtful, more encouraging than discouraging, more uniting than divisive.

Instead of saying "what you cisgender progressives failed to notice about the plight of transgender people," I'll say "as a transgender person, this is what I think would be helpful from cisgender progressives." Instead of saying "you who take time to criticize my religion really annoy me and I wish you would stop," I'll ask "tell me more about how you feel about my religion and why that's important to you personally."

I think it's not helpful to keep telling each other "you failed," "you're doing it wrong," or "I have no time for you." I believe that saying "try again," "here's an idea of a way that you could do even better," and "tell me more about your story" will create better opportunities for growth.

Maybe it would even be progressive.

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Love this! Putting a link on my facebook page.

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