It's Not Fair

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For my graduation from seminary, I bought myself a tablet computer for use in worship. I used it the next day, and it worked fine.

Since then, my favorite online discount site has offered the same tablet for substantially less.

It's not fair!

I'm hearing the fairness issue brought up in terms of immigration, that having a path to citizenship for undocumented persons is unfair to those who have gone through the existing procedure.

We often judge fairness comparatively, but is that the best way to think of it? What constitutes fair?

In the case of my tablet computer: if I thought this was not a fair price, I should not have purchased it. Finding it later for a lower price does not change the fairness of the price I paid.

And immigration reform doesn't change the fairness of the existing system. If the existing system is unfair in light of the reform, then it is also unfair now. 

Illegal immigrants from high-volume countries like Mexico are especially hit by the "line" -- USCIS is only now processing applications from 1993. -

Fixing a broken system isn't unfair to those who successfully navigated a broken system - the broken system itself is unfair. And the only way to stop being unfair is to fix the system.

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