Who Is America's Savior Anyway?

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When we say "God bless America," whose name are we calling?

When we're threatened.

When we're hurt.

When someone has done us wrong.

When someone has killed someone we love.

America turns to its savior.

America's savior appears in many forms:

It is the fist thrown in response to an insult.

The knife drawn in anger.

The gun drawn in fear.

It is the war plane laden with bombs and missiles sent to avenge the deaths of many, or
sometimes a few.

It is the noose thrown over a tree, and the gallows, and the firing squad, and the electric chair, and the gas chamber, and the gurney and the needle.

It is the gay panic defense, and the stand-your-ground law, and the castle doctrine, and slut-shaming.

When we, in the USA, feel threatened or wronged, we turn to our savior.

Our savior is called retribution, vigilantism, revenge.

Sometimes we call it justice.

But its true, holy name is violence. It is a name so holy, we are reluctant to utter it - at least when referring to our own actions.

Because we so dearly worship violence, it comes and lives with us. We have made the USA its dwelling place. And as long as we will worship it, it will abide with us.

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