cindik.com is a personal website. It's not trying to sell anything, invite you to its store, or enlist you in its movement.

In 1997 a friend urged me to learn html, and shortly thereafter I acquired the domain name cindik.com. Since then, I have used this site to:
  • share photos with friends
  • speak my mind
  • experiment
Sure, a lot of this can be done with twitter, Facebook, and other such sites these days, but this has been my site for over a decade, and I am a bit sentimental about it.

You'll also find links to sites I find interesting - many are weblogs maintained by friends of mine or by people by whom I am inspired.

As for me, I'm just:
  • a minister who wants to build communities of faith for believers who have given up on traditional church;
  • a motorcyclist who likes to take really long trips
  • a guitarist who has more passion for playing than talent;
  • a dabbler in improvisational theater;
  • an occasional poet and novelist;
  • a human being trying to find her way.

Recent Entries

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